Agent to join


Agents are invited to join us

Only need to meet the following conditions, the agent of our products can be easily, wait for wealth!
Has a business license, business license, has a good network marketing management capabilities;
Has a good entrepreneurial spirit and business reputation, with the corresponding working capital;
Confidence in the passion and the common development of the sport industry;
Have a brand awareness, have a long-term vision of development and modern management philosophy;
Maintain a high degree of consistency with the company's management and service philosophy, and actively cooperate with the general company's overall strategic implementation;
Be able to actively assist the company to carry out regular sales promotion activities and timely feedback market information;
Sports goods have business experience, can grasp the market demand in a timely manner;


Dear customer, hello!
Acting as an agent for the company to provide its own brand products and business technology, the two sides in line with the principle of legality, justice, mutual benefit and create a win-win situation in the principle of mutual benefit.
If you are interested in our work together, and agree to the above agent related conditions, you only need to fill out the application form and submit the relevant agency or a phone call, Green will welcome you to join sincere service for you, thank you!